JMC's passion for excellence, creative perspective and analytic approach give our retail and vendor partners the sales solutions they want with the logistical support they need. 


We combine executive-level leadership with a team of sales, marketing and logistics professionals providing cross-functional assistance to both suppliers and retailers. We map out and lead our vendor partners through the sell-in process and actively support programs from inception through completion. 

There are always obstacles in selling to big box retailers that could derail your business or botch even the best laid plans. That's where JMC comes in to help navigate your way. We understand how to work with Target and other large retailers. 



In retail, you need to know more than if you are just winning in the aisle - you need to know how you are winning and why. JMC's utilization of an Executive Dashboard reporting system gives our clients a weekly status for everything that's going on with their product, along with recommendations for increasing sales or reducing inventory investment. 

Whether reporting ADHOC or weekly, we have an option for each partner we work with.



JMC's sourcing expertise, operational processes and systems support are relied on by key retailers, including Target. If requested, JMC offers knowledge and background in global logistics, properly sourcing and seamless integration with a retailer's operations to ensure that information flows between retailer and vendor in a clear, quick and collaborative fashion. 

How do you move a company forward in retail? By constantly adding value into the product and through the supply chain. JMC's laser focus on value and ability to guide resources efficiently and effectively ensure that you deliver on the retailer's top priorities. 



account management

Through detailed modeling, along with proprietary reporting tools such as an IFG, analysis of inventory levels, production speed, logistics and product demand, JMC is able to take the lead in identifying potential supply chain issues and to solve ordering and shipping problems when opportunities or challenges arise (and they always do). 

The keys to success in retail are to stay passionate and to stay paranoid. By constantly thinking ahead, analyzing and anticipating, JMC helps suppliers ensure that the right amount of the right product gets to the right place at the right time. 




Gathered from domestic and international design shows, through ongoing market place intelligence, JMC can provide your company with the leadership and competitive vision to actively spot trends, uncover opportunities, and anticipate the next big thing. 

Our team of designers can work with your team to create the most wanted, trend-right Home products. We can offer as much or as little guidance as you need to create product, presentations, or Trend Reports that are visionary, exciting, and aligned with the retail merchant team. 



JMC has retail and manufacturing partnerships in the USA, China, India and throughout Europe. We focus our efforts on Mass Merchants and aligning with suppliers.

We understand the retail landscape and who is shopping the store. Bottom line is we get it, and through our broad scope of experience, we make it easy for you to do business with us.



Where in the store could your product fit best? Why would retail buyers and consumers be interested in purchasing it? We evaluate everything from the creative to the analytical perspectives.

JMC Retail Group is like a personal trainer for your product. We're constantly looking for innovative ways to help you reach the next level. That means we spend hours studying your competition. Not just once. We complete a comprehensive competitive analysis every season. We determine the size of opportunity, as well as the manufacturing and retail landscapes. 




 JMC has developed a comprehensive "How To" Vendor Onboarding Reference Guide to help you as our partner. We strongly believe that if we prepare you on all levels, together we will be successful in building a long-term relationship with our Retail Partners and each other. The benchmarks are high, but the results will put you in a position for success and long-term viability. 



As category consultants to Target and other key retailers, JMC provides unbiased analysis, interpretation and recommendations that increase category leadership and positively impact the bottom line. 

JMC helps manufacturers and retailers see the big picture through deep data analysis and broad category perspectives. Our focus on strategic planning and tactical execution has enabled our business partners to understand and develop categories that drive results.

JMC is a trusted partner among leading retailers and manufacturers throughout all categories of retail. We are able to bring deep level insights across the aisles, while helping our clients prepare for what's around the corner.

                  Camille Thomas                          Owner

                  Camille Thomas

                Gretchen Olson          Director of Inventory &                            Anaylitics

                Gretchen Olson
         Director of Inventory &                            Anaylitics

                 Lori Collier      Controller & HR Manager

                 Lori Collier
     Controller & HR Manager

               Mary Stephens       Senior Account Manager

               Mary Stephens
      Senior Account Manager

                      Amy Rinke          VP of Sales & New Business

                      Amy Rinke
         VP of Sales & New Business

               Molly Dunham            Account Coordinator

               Molly Dunham
           Account Coordinator

               Megan Van Gorp          Sales Account Executive

               Megan Van Gorp
         Sales Account Executive

              Naim Nuriddin     Receiving/Sample Manager

              Naim Nuriddin
    Receiving/Sample Manager

JMC's active community involvement within our local schools and churches is just a small expression towards our belief that we must always give back.

Never stop giving. 

We're only the best because we work with the best. Here are a few of our honored affiliates