Employee Feature of the Week

Jennifer Miller

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Hi! My name is Jennifer Miller and I am an Account Coordinator here at JMC!

I’m a recent grad from UW-Stout, BS in Retail Merchandising and Management concentrations in Buying and Fashion Marketing with a Business Administration minor. I like working at JMC because of the atmosphere, power of knowledge and of course because of the people I work with. The JMC crew encourages me to challenge myself everyday.

I enjoy spending time with my family, I currently have 6 nieces and 4 nephews. I am the baby of 5, my siblings would say I am the spoiled one… but I seem to differ.       I count on my family for pure happiness. My mom/sisters are always there for me when I need a good laugh, and without my brothers/dad I would have no idea how to fix anything. Let’s be honest… without all these people in my life I wouldn’t wear the smile I do.

On my free time I like to shop. You can either find me at Target on the weekends or on the weekdays shopping wholesale for my boutique, Lavish Truth. I love sourcing new boutiques and stores for unique styles and trends. You could say that retail is typically always on my mind. There isn’t a day that I’m not thinking of something new for my closet.

I have a cute little kitty name Rue, she is a tabby kitty with white paws; so she never leaves the house without her boots and mittens. She’s originally from California and has traveled her way to the Midwest with me.

I like to travel often, especially road trips. Last summer I lived in Seattle, WA. Seattle is beautiful and I strongly advise visiting if you ever get the chance. I spent most my time sightseeing,going on boat tours, trying new foods and of course shopping. Every weekend, I enjoyed shopping unique vendors at Market with a Starbucks in one hand and credit card in the other. 😊

Employee Feature of the Week

Emilie Horvath

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My name is Emilie Horvath and I am the 2018 Summer Account Coordinator Intern!

I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout as a Retail Merchandising and Management major. Concentrating in Fashion Marketing and Buying & Product Management! I also am minoring in Business Administration. This year I am the 2018-2019 elected President of the Stout Retail Association (SRA) and I am a Love Your Melon Ambassador!

I come from a family of seven, with two sets of twins! As a family, we love traveling and just spending quality time together. On the weekends, you can typically find me shopping or hanging out with some friends! I am really excited to start my last year of college and to take home my diploma! 

Target's President Brian Cornell and the Economic Club of Minnesota

Target's President Brian Cornell Spoke at a reception on Capitol Hill hosted by Economic Club of Minnesota. JMC Retail Group's President and CEO Camille Thomas was a participant

Pictured above- The Economic Club of MN including Brian Cornell, President and CEO of Target, and Erik Paulsen, United States House of Representatives, MN 3rd Congressional District

Pictured Above: Members of the Economic Club of Minnesota

Pictured Above: Members of the Economic Club of Minnesota

Employee Feature of the Week

Brittany Nowak


My name is Brittany Nowak and I am an Account Coordinator here at JMC!

I have a husband named Kevin and he is a Mechanical Engineer for a medical device company. He lives and breathes anything Kite Boarding and Mountain biking! I have a mini Australian shepherd named Luna, aka Tuna! She has an obsession with her Frisbee and she loves being on the water as much as Kevin and I do.

Where you typically will find me on the weekend is spending time on or by a lake. I really like to paddle board with my dog, go boating or simply relax on the beach and watch Kevin kite surf! I also enjoy biking, reading, downhill skiing and going to local wineries (insert wine emoji here)!  My husband and I really enjoy traveling and have been on a handful of really memorable road trips. Favorite road trip so far has been to Banff, Canada – I highly recommend you visit!

I like working at JMC because of the people that I work with. Everyone here is incredibly hard working and really easy to get along with! The office supplied La Croix and peanut butter stuffed pretzels in the break room doesn’t hurt either 😉