Employee Feature of the Week

Jennifer Miller

JMC BLOG-Jennifer Miller.png

Hi! My name is Jennifer Miller and I am an Account Coordinator here at JMC!

I’m a recent grad from UW-Stout, BS in Retail Merchandising and Management concentrations in Buying and Fashion Marketing with a Business Administration minor. I like working at JMC because of the atmosphere, power of knowledge and of course because of the people I work with. The JMC crew encourages me to challenge myself everyday.

I enjoy spending time with my family, I currently have 6 nieces and 4 nephews. I am the baby of 5, my siblings would say I am the spoiled one… but I seem to differ.       I count on my family for pure happiness. My mom/sisters are always there for me when I need a good laugh, and without my brothers/dad I would have no idea how to fix anything. Let’s be honest… without all these people in my life I wouldn’t wear the smile I do.

On my free time I like to shop. You can either find me at Target on the weekends or on the weekdays shopping wholesale for my boutique, Lavish Truth. I love sourcing new boutiques and stores for unique styles and trends. You could say that retail is typically always on my mind. There isn’t a day that I’m not thinking of something new for my closet.

I have a cute little kitty name Rue, she is a tabby kitty with white paws; so she never leaves the house without her boots and mittens. She’s originally from California and has traveled her way to the Midwest with me.

I like to travel often, especially road trips. Last summer I lived in Seattle, WA. Seattle is beautiful and I strongly advise visiting if you ever get the chance. I spent most my time sightseeing,going on boat tours, trying new foods and of course shopping. Every weekend, I enjoyed shopping unique vendors at Market with a Starbucks in one hand and credit card in the other. 😊